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Intraoral X-ray Unit

Intraoral X-ray Unit

Trident is an Italian company active in the production of radiology equipment for the dental sector.

In 2000, Trident found in Creanova the ideal partner to design, engineer and manufacture its dental devices. RiX-70 DC, intraoral X-ray Unit, is one of the dental devices resulted from this winning collaboration.


“In Creanova, we have found finally a team of excellent designers able to satisfy ergonomical requirements & manufacturing needs for molds and parts, with special attention to cost optimization. Creanova’s well-knit team brings effective added value to the whole process of product development, ensuring a smooth approach and time saving from design phase down to manufacturing steps.”

Giorgio Rizzo

Design in Family Feeling with Imaging Portfolio

RiX-70 DC was designed with the imaging portfolio’s family feeling in mind. The family feeling resulted from the previous collaboration between Creanova and Trident aimed to the develop the X-View panoramic scanner.

The intraoral X-ray Unit design is very clean, a total white color and a refined combination of different finishing: the matte main body is combined with the glossy dynamic line to create a spot light on the product and to recall Trident’s family feeling.

The color accent was used to focus the attention on the accessories and on the graphics of the X-ray unit.

The easy-to-read main control panel was designed with quickly identifiable, icons. On the intraoral bracket, a minimal control panel enables the movement of the dental device when the medical operator is close to the patient.