Pulmonary Oscillometry

Cuff Pressure Controller

Cuff Pressure Controller

Device for automatic measurement and adjustment of cuff pressure supports ventilation therapy, protects patients from VAP and tracheal injuries. Remote ensures easy and intuitive operation, ensuring optimal cuff pressure and patient safety. Encased in housing as a handheld device, the IntelliCuff technology can be used with all mechanical ventilators in various clinical situations, and even during air transport at high altitudes.


  • Engineering consultancy to achieve requirements for mold construction and production of the Intellicuf Pressure controller
  • Implement complex engineering consultancy to achieve Ingress Protection (IP) level (34)


  • Intellicuff pressure controller mold construction
  • Injection molding transformation to over – molding molds to achieve the required IP level


  • Production of all plastic housing parts
  • Production of high precision component – over – molded metal connector with plastic housing
  • Integrated thin rubber gasket produced by over – molding