Creanova’s Serbian Assembly Site at Full Speed

Creanova’s team is supporting MIR, leveraging its expertise in plastic and electronical components and running at full speed with the production and assembly of Smart One, useful for monitoring the lung function.

At Full Speed

Right now, our Serbian team is struggling with the production and assembly of a large amount of Smart One. We are supporting MIR, the world leader for innovation in spirometry, in meeting the new and increased market demand of spirometers, used to monitor the lung function. MIR and Creanova’s team jointly developed 10 models of respiratory devices, from design and user interface to engineering, prototyping, production, all the way to the final assembly.

Creanova d.o.o. is in charge of the last part of the process, it is specialized in the assembly of healthcare devices and certified with ISO 13845.

Smart One is a very useful ally for measuring blood saturation, monitoring the health of the lungs and
checking for lung pathologies (asthma, cystic fibrosis). It provides a simple way of keeping one’s cardio-
pulmonary health under control thanks to the incorporated two functions, oximeter and spirometer: oximetry
measures the percentage of blood haemoglobin which carries oxygen, spirometry is the examination
that assesses respiratory function and lung health. Smart One allows you to self-assess these parameters
via a dedicated app that works with mobile phones.