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Dental Sterilizer

Dental Sterilizer

Lara, the new W&H Group sterilizer, boasts the fast cycle in its segment, a unique upgradability to meet customers’ specific needs combined with great ease of use. To achieve the best user experience, these incredible features inside needed to be reflected on the outside and Creanova collaborated with W&H to jointly win this challenge.

Innovating through Design

Our design team lent a fresh dental sterilizer design to the Lara frontside and created the sterilizer with the “Family feeling” in line with W&H’s strong brand identity, taking advantage of materials, smooth surfaces, colors and finishing aesthetic details.

The frontal door is designed and engineered to meet the distinctive functional features and it is developed in two models, according to different display sizes.

Leveraging our expertise in injection for plastic parts, we developed an integrated handle solution.

This innovative dental sterilizer design concept enabled our Customer to reduce the number of molds and ultimately the incurred investment costs.

IDS 2019 and W&H

The International Dental Show is the world’s leading trade fair for the dental community, a successful platform for innovation and market trends.
This trade fair is always a precious opportunity to meet our key clients operating in dental sector and this year it was a great pleasure to meet W&H and our common project, Lara.