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Dental & Surgical Light

Dental & Surgical Light

G.COMM is an innovative company, focused on the production of professional lighting, systems and components for dental and medical units.
G.COMM asked for Creanova’s expertise in healthcare design to develop Zero 4, the new dual pattern surgical light, designed for dental and surgical environments. The new product marks a step forward in G.COMM’s innovation path.

Main task and challenges

The project required the improvement of usability features through the integration of a camera in the middle of the lamp and an opening aimed to ventilate the operating zone.
Two different lighting patterns (dental and surgical) had to be included in Zero 4 without any significant impact on its weight and ensuring smoothness of movements.

Design aimed to production

The market research and competitor analysis went beyond the medical lamps and examined the lightening market overall with the goal of designing a disruptive product.
At the preliminary stage, Creanova’s design team carried out the layout and feasibility analysis and verified the alignment between the concept features and project requirements, both technical and economic. Besides components, material and structure, in the analysis the led positioning and illumination were taken into account.
The designed concept includes a central camera, which enables dentists and surgeons to record the medical operations. In the camera’s surrounding area, designers integrated an opening, that eases the air flow suction by the operating room ceiling.
An interesting feature of Zero 4 lies in heat dissipation, which resulted from the combination of the inner mechanics and the top cover design.
The lighting system is controlled by a keyboard characterized by a user friendly interface.
The handles are autoclavable to guarantee the maximum hygiene level and they are designed to ensure high ergonomics as well as to ease the light movements during operations.
The 3d drawings provided by our designers’ team enabled the manufacture of an aesthetic and functional prototype.