What is your WHY?

What is ‘my Why’ in life, I ask myself once in a while 😊

We all run during our working day, to achieve our goals, deadlines, and dreams, for our clients, family and our friends.

My Why became clear during my university engineering period,

when I frequently went to hospital to take care for my grandma.

In the hospitals I learned that the luck of health might not always be on your side, and we have only one body to live in.

So, over the years health & care became my passion, a few years later my ‘Jobby’ ;

Create & Innovate Healthcare Solutions, “for a better quality of life”

Improve the quality of life (my Why I do what I do) could be probably similar also for you, as 90% of my ‘friends’, clients and followers on social media are in the health sector.

Creanova donates from its profits, medical devices and funds (money) to Children in need of health care.
I never shared this; because I felt it is my own personal Why.

Several friends convinced me to share this in public, with the scope to let us all reflect how we can improve the quality of life of those in need, specifically in healthcare.

Personally, I continue to visit and support institutions that help children and young adults with serious health problems.
I learned how lucky we are to be born healthy and how many children don’t have this luck. For example, I’ve visited institutions for children under 4 years that are “not wanted” by their families and society, due to severe malformations. They grow up almost lovelessy in empty spaces, which always leads me to strong emotions when I’m in direct contact with them.

After each visit, I conclude once again: we support healthcare, even if only by using Creanova’s income to finance children in need of healthcare, to create a better quality of life for them.

I would therefore like to thank all our customers

who have trusted us to work with us for so many years,

so that we can continue to provide healthcare support to those who need it so badly ❤️