Burnwound Healing

Burns and burn-related injuries are still a major public health problem. Estimated 11 million new burns each year globally!

Burn wound Accidents happen, especially when we’re teenagers learning the risk management before you ever heard of Iso13485
On our Iceland holiday trip, a great place for nature, we we drove a round trip of 5000km.
Visiting Geyser, my sun Leon got a 2’ degree #burnwound on both feet, due the hard ground suddenly became boiling mud for him.

Luckily, my friend Salem, organized by wetling medical care WMCS treatments. The #startup Wetling, is fully dedicated to improve wound healing !!!

I could never imagine, that I needed so much the technology of a startup working with us Creanova.

I posted some real images, all within a 5 weeks timeframe to share the fast healing. (The more impressive I did not share here – but I can send to you if you put in the comments)

Imagine that this Wetling device might be used for all patients of Burn wounds, less suffering period and less pain!!!

Wetling (WMCS) treatment:

  1. reduces healing time of most wounds by 50-70% respect standard care !
  2. Fast pain relief for patients
  3. Contactless, #noninvasive treatment
  4. Reduced risk for infections
  5. improves #patient comfort and overall quality of life
  6. significantly reduces the costs associated with #woundhealing


YouTube video case study:

Besides the exceptional results with Burn Injuries, the Wetling (WMCS) treatment is also great for:

diabetic Ulcers

All in suffering and huge costs in health care

Thank you Salem for our partnership and friendship!

Video / photos; Wilco Egger – Patient Leon Egger