The Arm for the Highest Accuracy of Medical Devices

Creanova has added a new high quality tool, the Hexagon Absolute Arm (85 series) – the new high precision 3D scanner – to its innovative technologies to ensure the highest accuracy and quality during Mold making and Manufacturing phases of medical devices.

Our Pursuit of a Superior Quality Control

Recently purchased Absolute Arm forms part of our mission to deliver the best service to our Customers and provide the best instruments for Creanova’s team.

This next generation machine is designed for digitization of mold, products and every kind of surfaces and features up to a volume diameter of almost 3 meters.

Thanks to a probing accuracy up to 6 microns, a scanning system accuracy up to 44 microns and the elimination of warm-up times and encoder references, it enables our Creanova production and quality control team to:

  • reduce control length of time
  • provide more information and more accuracy through a single scan (e.g. deformation, thickness changes, …)
  • verify and analyze differences between 3D drawing, prototype, first test-batches and produced product
  • create an archive of production batches in order to verify the product quality and measure the molds wear