Pulmonary Oscillometry

Theal and Tecar Therapy

Theal and Tecar Therapy

Modular device series for Theal therapy and Tecar therapy

Creanova has teamed up with Mectronic Medicale to develop a new modular device that is adaptable for different technologies – Theal and Tecar therapy.

“i Lux XP” is an innovative and patented multi-functional platform for photomedicine. It is the first device in the world that emits up to 8 wavelengths simultaneously. Based on 7 exclusive patents, it has become the modern benchmark of photo and laser therapy. Whereas “Doctor Tecar” is multi-frequency benchmark device in TECAR therapy.

Main Tasks and Challenges

  • Head control unit adaptability for 2 different technologies
  • High-level requirements of ergonomics and cleanability
  • Quality look that gives high added value to the physiotherapy device ergonomics, engineering and the device itself
  • Integrated look between head control unit and trolley part, despite different production approaches

Design Results

Integrated shape and a clear, high-quality look

  • Design concept combines glossy and mat surface finishing to achieve visual perception of exceptional quality
  • Smooth and fully integrated shape between head control unit and trolley base, without any external components adjusted to the unit


Adaptability to 2 different technologies

  • A special modular design solution allows simple transformation of the head control unit, adapting it for the needs of the THEAL and TECAR therapy devices by only changing 3 elements, at the same time providing a clear identification of the different functionality of two devices.
  • Innovative magnetic solution allows placing two different types of handpieces support platforms using the same head control unit
  • Changeable front panel allows adapting device quickly and easily to another technology
  • Interchangeable colored components make different technologies easily distinguishable



  • Detachable head control unit for treatments outside the doctor’s practice
  • The device can be disassembled in 3 parts – head control unit, trolley base, and two-piece wheel platform ensuring easy transportation and storage



  • The sophisticated design of the air intake system combines functionality and strong aesthetics. The design concept of hidden air intake system not only ensures that the internal components of the unit are not visible but also protects the system from dirt ingress
  • Different size of drawers integrated into the trolley for efficient workplace organization
  • Design of the handpieces support elements allows placing different diameters of Tecar discs
  • Integrated shape without any external components and innovative magnetic solution ensures the possibility to place handpieces directly on the unit
  • Double handpiece holder gives the possibility to place the handpiece both on the right or left side in order to be comfortable for left or right-handed end user


Cleaning and maintenance

  • The innovative magnetic system allows removing handpiece support platforms for accurate cleaning
  • The head control unit surface below the handpieces support elements is designed to ensure aesthetical appearance and ease of cleaning
  • The part of surface with glossy finishing ensures better cleanability in the area which is exposed to contact with end user and handpieces

Cost and Production Efficiency

  • Turnkey solution, starting from design, all the way till the assembly of all components into the packaging made by Creanova
  • Highest quality materials and use of injection molding technology ensures superior quality of the housing parts
  • Gas-assist injection molding ensures exceptional strength, aesthetical look, and ergonomic shape of the front handle, allowing to move and lift the whole device
  • Ability to adapt different technologies to the one head control unit as well as modular design concept allows reducing amount of needed molds
"Creanova gave us a feeling of being understood. They possess a deep knowledge of medical culture and a unique refined aesthetic touch. A partner that never let us down."

Ennio Aloisini

CEO and R&D Manager of Mectronic Medicale

"Creanova gave us a feeling of being understood. They possess a deep knowledge of medical culture and a unique refined aesthetic touch. A partner that never let us down."

Ennio Aloisini

CEO and R&D Manager of Mectronic Medicale

Success in the Worldwide Showcase “MEDICA 2017”

The leading innovations in patented phototherapy and theal therapy have experienced great success in the worldwide showcase “Medica 2017”.