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Sanitising System

Sanitising System

Polti is an italian company, worldwide recognized for innovation and high quality in household and professional appliances, extremely effective for cleaning and sanitizing.

Polti and Creanova came up with a sanitising system design concept of the portable device applied to several steam sanitizing systems, used in the hospitals to eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria.

From Sketches to the Final Concept for a Sanitising System

Starting from the layout analysis and the definition of internal components, Creanova’s design team provided a concept characterized by consumer appeal, clean lines and fluid curves.

The ergonomics was at the heart of the creative process: Creanova’s designers took a close look at marketed handles, going beyond the healthcare and sanitization market.

In order to identify the best characterization for the disinfector design and finally integrate the new product in the existing product range, features identification of Polti’s brand identity and a deep research about competitive landscape (e.g. Family feeling, colors) are performed.

Creanova’s analysis resulted in a sanitising system’s accessory which stands out from the crowd for its timeless design.