Pulmonary Oscillometry

Pulmonary Oscillometry

Pulmonary Oscillometry

As a spin-off company from Milan Politecnico University, Restech stands out for the innovative nature of its Medical devices. The latest product RESMON PRO V3 is the unique portable all-in-one FOT (forced oscillation technique) system designed to measure lung functioning through the breath analysis.

Creanova provided the complete solution, from medical device design to engineering up to mold making, ensuring short development times and a cross-functional team since the first steps of the project.

Ergonomics and Portability for a FOT System

The design phase is started with the ergonomics analysis, aimed to optimize display’s tilt while reducing as much as possible the overall dimension. Cleanliness, portability and clear brand identity are the main features of this new portable device.

Tight Cleanability Requirements

The internal layout was enhanced to ease the assembly and service activities. In engineering phase the dimension was further reduced and a special focus was dedicated to the cleanability. The 3d model and materials are defined to be easily disinfected in order to meet US FDA 510k clearance requirements.

Due to the tight times, already during the medical device development and further in the engineering refinement a prototype was provided and the first analysis for the production are performed (DFM and Mold Flow).

Mold Making in 6 Weeks

In early stage, engineering and production team join in the Mold Flow and DFM analysis, looking into any possible deformations. To meet Restech’s objective, the mold making of the medical device has been speeded up so much that it took 6 weeks and at the first production test (T1) the parts are validated and the industrial production started.