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Lung Ventilator

Lung Ventilator

SIARE is the only Italian lung ventilators manufacturer, which makes it a key actor in the current healthcare scene, and Siaretron 4000 is saving many lives from COVID-19’s infection. 

During the 16 years’ collaboration, Creanova has been supporting SIARE Engineering International Group in designing several respiratory devices, among which is Siaretron 4000. A clean look and simplified user’s operations are combined in a volumetric and pressometric lung ventilator for intensive care, suitable for adults, children and newborns.

Healthcare Design for a feasible lung ventilator

SIARE Engineering International Group wanted to renew their Lung Ventilator’s design, so they challenged Creanova in creating a new look for the monitor and the trolley top of its lung ventilator, Siaretron 4000. Creanova’s designers hand in hand with the client took up a Layout Analysis of the Lung Ventilator and optimized the internal components’ layout in order to lend a clear, clean and compact look to the concept of this respiratory device.

The design revolved around creating a better User Experience of the Lung Ventilator for the final user, the medical operator, and the professional appeal revealed this approach. Thanks to the close communication between production and design departments, special attention was addressed to production technologies (e.g. polyurethane, plastics injection) to provide  feasible design concepts for this lung ventilator.