Pulmonary Oscillometry



A device for Video Dermatoscopy and Image Acquisition

The dermatoscope is a device for Video-dermatoscopy and Image acquisition used in dermatology. With this product the dermatoscopy reaches new quality standards that were never seen before, thanks to the use of high-resolution (5Mpx – 2560×1920) digital cameras with autofocus and zoom, for variable magnifications from 10x up to even 150x. The digital quality, joined by both optical and electronic technology, allows for fast and profound analysis of every pigmented lesion.

Compact and ergonomic design

The design incorporates compactness and ergonomics, paying special attention to weight balance/balancing for easy handling, as well as to the correct dimension of push buttons. Topped off with a fluid shape, it’s very easy to handle and clean; an internal seal on the trigger-button prevents any cleaning agent from entering avoiding damage to the electronics.

Mold construction and part manufactoring

Creanova has taken care of the mold construction and part manufacturing of the device.