Pulmonary Oscillometry

Automated Sample Storage

Automated Sample Storage

Hamilton Storage GmbH is an industry leader for automated storage solutions, with automated sample management systems suitable for a wide range of applications.

Hamilton Verso Q20 is an innovative, environmentally friendly and flexible sample storage tooling system used in research departments. Verso Q20 is fully automated, and can store, sort and manage samples without user interaction.

Creanova took care of the sample storage mold making and production of the industrial design. At the beginning of the project, Creanova’s engineers supported Hamilton Storage laboratory optimizing the mold makig of the parts for the chosen manufacturing process.

Time Efficiency and High-quality Standards Through the Production Process

Creanova’s production team refined the 3D model of the industrial design for Verso Q20 and optimized the Sample storage for contract manufacturing.

Hamilton Storage challenged Creanova in manufacturing the industrial design in tight deadlines and with the high-quality standards, which characterize the brand.

Our production team exceeded the client’s expectations, providing the parts in reduced time while ensuring accuracy in surface finish and painting.