Artificial Intelligence and How It Changed the Medical Field

Artificial intelligence is playing a role more and more essential in the Healthcare industry, take a look at the most disrupting healthcare AI applications.

AI and Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is catching more and more attention from all stakeholders in the Healthcare industry and it is now clear to everyone its essential role in our mission: make the dream of precision medicine a reality.

Here is a selection of the most representative examples of its disrupting impact:

  • Chronic diseases: Mabu robot by the startup Catalia Health, helps patients and caregivers in heart failure manage through tailored conversations and daily controls.
  • Diagnostics: Canon has got a step ahead in Medical imaging, integrating a reconstruction algorithm across its scanners portfolio to improve image quality, reducing radiation dose.
  • Robotic surgery: Da Vinci® surgical systems robotically assist the surgeon during minimally invasive surgery, improving precision, range of motion, visualization and access.

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