Production Technology for Precise and Solid Plastic Parts

To provide the most suitable solution which would satisfy various needs of our customers, we have included TSG (Structural Foam Molding) into the wide range of the production technologies we use.

Structural Foam Molding Technology

Although the structural foam molding process bears some similarities to and is as precise as the injection molding, in TSG the chosen plastic material is mixed with inert gas, allowing to inject the mixture into the mold using less pressure.

Key characteristics of the TSG technology

When to consider using the TSG technology

  • When you need to produce plastic parts with higher resistance and strength, as well as technical and functional elements.
    The parts produced by TSG tend to have thicker wall sections, making the end product much more rigid, with excellent strength and superior impact resistance, but lightweight at the same time. It can even be used to replace sheet metal in some cases.
  • When you want to have more freedom in terms of design compared to high-pressure injection molding.
    TSG is able to produce a product with various wall thicknesses across a single part. It ensures consistent surface finish and even large, complex parts can be molded without the sink marks.
  • When you want to save a bit on tooling.
    TSG does not require a steel mold – lighter and less expensive materials, such as aluminum, can be used instead.

What to take into account while using the TSG technology

  • Painting of the parts might be needed
  • TSG has lower production speeds in comparison to other methods

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